In Between

Well, it’s been over two weeks now since Dave’s surgery and his activation date is under one week away! This is a great place to be in! It really feels like this weekend we passed over the hump. We are now past the hardest part; the worst is behind us, and now we are moving toward something much more hopeful and exciting – activation next Monday! Woohoo! Continue reading

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One Week to Go!

This past week has been a return to feeling normal.  My sleep is finally back on track and I have no pain!  The tinnitus continues but now I’m hearing some more phantom noises (common with this surgery).  From what I’ve read, the brain is thrown for a loop with the hearing suddenly gone and thus hears or thinks it hears various noises.  The other night I was hearing Continue reading

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The 8 days…

So thankful that 8 days have passed.  I am now starting to feel more normal and am off all the meds!  The pain is down to a 0 or 1 depending on the day / moment.  My biggest problem at this time (besides the lack of hearing) is sleep.  I’m not sleeping as well and at first I thought it was the meds.  But now the problem continues and am wondering Continue reading

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The Last Things

Hello Friends and Family. This is Karin writing – finally! I found a moment of quiet reflection while a dear friend is watching our children for the morning. I’ve wanted to blog my thoughts for quite some time now, and I’m glad to finally have the opportunity. (In fact, I have SO many thoughts that I’ve begun to journal, that I believe I have started writing a book! We’ll let you know when it will be published…J).  Continue reading

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A Day at the Office

My coworkers were great.  Only a couple of them tried to have conversations with me and then realized I couldn’t hear…after gently reminding them Winking smile.  Most waved, sent me texts, IM’s, or emails.  It was a smooth transition into a temporary world. Continue reading

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Day 5; Back to Work!

Let the adventure begin!  I’ll let you know how life engrossed in the hearing world transpires for a totally deaf person.  My coworkers are great people so I don’t see any problems arising.  Some of them even know ASL!

The pain is less today and I had some Tylenol PM last night which helped with the sleep.

One funny thing we noticed is that my operated ear now sticks out a bit more and seems a little lower than the left ear.  Over time – it should slide back into place Smile.

Thanks again for the prayers and encouragement!

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Day 4

Still not getting good sleep.  I need to get a pain med with a sleep aid in it or maybe continue the Percocet during the night.  Overall I feel fine – just not sleeping that well.  The family is doing very well at communicating with me.  Please pray for my wife who has to be my personal interpreter for every interaction.  The kids know some sign and I can lip-read some…improvements in those areas will come with time.

The silence is 100% but I do have some increased tinnitus in my ear along with some occasional new sounds (like rushing water, or wind).  These are to be expected because of the surgery and may subside over time.  My left ear (95% deaf since age 10) is now my better hearing ear.  I can hear Anna’s squeals through it Smile

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