‘Tis the Day!

3 Years since I first inquired with Dr. Levine at the U of MN about the CI.
3 Months since we started our heavy research into the CI.
3 Weeks since the surgery at the Mayo with Dr. Driscoll.
3+ Hours until activation!

The days is finally upon us.  They day we’ve been waiting for; to be activated, turned-on, given my new “ear!”  There is great excitement and anticipation about this day.  I have great hopes but am trying to keep my expectations low.  Many people come out of the first session with only hearing sounds, unintelligble sounds, but still sounds.  Others come out of the first session being able to talk on the phone or being able to understand their spouses’ voice again.  Whatever the case, it will still be a great day as this is just the beginning of my being able to hear again.

I will try for an update tomorrow night after the activation to let you know how it went.

To God be the glory!

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