One Week to Go!

This past week has been a return to feeling normal.  My sleep is finally back on track and I have no pain!  The tinnitus continues but now I’m hearing some more phantom noises (common with this surgery).  From what I’ve read, the brain is thrown for a loop with the hearing suddenly gone and thus hears or thinks it hears various noises.  The other night I was hearing an orchestra (don’t mind that at all) and then some rushing wind or running water.

A week from Monday (the 15th) is activation day!  We are very excited about this and I look forward to being able to hear again.  A reminder for my friends and family is that when I am activated, it isn’t like I will suddenly hear normally.  There is a learning curve (sometimes long…months…but hopefully only weeks for me) for comprehending speech again and making sense of the sounds that one hears.  The sounds I will be hearing through the Cochlear Implant are no longer natural but electronic / computerized.  Amazingly enough though the brain is able to make sense of the sounds over time.

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