Another Blessing on the way…

Any day now – our little girl will be outside the womb and in our arms! We are trying to rest up and be prepared as much as possible. Doc told Karin, “…any day now!” YIKES! Are we ready? Well – no – but is anyone ever ready? We simply continue to trust the Lord for His hand of sovereignty and timing with the birth and life of each child He brings us!

So stay tuned – my next entry just might be about a little girl that decided to show up!

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2 Responses to Another Blessing on the way…

  1. MillerMan says:

    My request is that Karin has the baby today or tomorrow…that way we’ll for sure be able to see the wee little one while we’re down in the Cities for Christmas. Come on, Karin…we haven’t asked much of you, so you could do this for us.

    FYI – for Colby, our neighbor (Vicki) yelled at Bobbi’s tummy and the next day was Colby’s birthday! 🙂 So see what your neighbor is up to.

  2. dmiller says:

    Steve, my brother, your request was granted! Our baby girl arrived! See the next post for more details!!

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