Surgery Complete!

An outline of what happened on Friday the 22nd.

We left our hotel and arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital (associated with the Mayo) for our check-in at 10 am.  Surgery was tentatively scheduled for Noon but the Dr. said that was tentative.  We learned he was operating on his 3rd patient of the day at 10:30 am and that I was next!  Not too long of a wait…so we thought.  Finally being summoned to pre-op at 3:30 we prayed with my Mom and Dad.  Karin was able to come with me to pre-op to help interpret for me Smile.  At 4:15 – they wheeled me into the operating room and transferred me to a not-so-comfortable bed.  The first question they asked me: “What are we doing to you today?”  Um…I hope you know! I understood it as a security question – but still kind of funny at the moment.  Within a few minutes they put the gas mask on me and I said a quick prayer for the surgical team (6 people) as I drifted off.

Apparently surgery started at 4:50 and I was in the recovery room by 6:30.  Slowly waking up Dr. Driscoll gave me the thumbs up!  Another Dr. explained (from what I could lip-read) that insertion of the electrode into the cochlea went very well and no complications were encountered – Thank you Lord!! 

At this point my head was bound in a bandage and I was feeling just a little sore from the breathing tube and the hole they drilled in my head.  At 7:00 – I was rejoined with Karin, Anna, Mom, and Dad.  We quickly decided that we’ll be staying overnight due to how late it had become.  That was a good decision as it allowed me some good rest and to be cared for by the staff before coming home.  Karin went back to the hotel room with Anna and my parents drove home.

I slept fairly well through the night – waking every couple hours for a bathroom visit.  They gave me a couple Percocet pills to help with the pain.   Initially the pain without narcotics was about a 4.5 but this morning it was closer to a 3…very manageable.  The pain from the surgery is mostly from the 2 inch incision they made…a strong dull pain.  The stitches they used will dissolve over time so nothing needs to be removed!

Karin says they barely had to shave any hair off but that you can see the incision.  We took some video this morning in the courtyard at the hospital for you all to see.  It isn’t gruesome…don’t worry! 

The Day After…


So – we are now back home and waiting for the kids to return from Grandma Feig’s home.  So many of you have been fervently praying, helping, encouraging us in so many ways.  Thank you for standing with us in this incredible journey.  I am so thankful to God for this opportunity.  He has given the abilities and means for this surgery to take place.

From your new bionic friend.

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