The Cochlear Implant Decision

I should have started blogging awhile ago about this but I was delaying because I wanted to somehow link this up with Facebook.  I have now somewhat accomplished that (hopefully it works)!  You can now post comments via your Facebook login.  Go ahead – give it a try!

So – now on to the Cochlear Implant.

As you may or may not know I have had a hearing loss my entire life.  It is termed a “Progressive Sensorineural” hearing loss; one that involves the inner ear (cochlea) and has been steadily declining since inception (basically since my birth).  My parents “discovered” my hearing loss when I was about 3 years old and since that time it has been declining to the point now where hearing aids have reached their helpful limits.  It is either time to go deaf (remove the hearing aids) or try something radically different (the cochlear implant).

We have chosen the latter mainly based on the fact that I live in the hearing world and want to continue that life-style.  The deaf world isn’t a bad world, but is one that I have not been integrated with and would require countless things to change.

More about this decision in the next post…

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