New Sounds

It is truly amazing how well this prosthesis / bionic ear is working.  I am continually hearing new sounds I haven’t heard in over 25+ years.  People have been praying for the restoration of my hearing for 35 years.  Their prayers have finally been answered in God’s perfect timing.  Just in this past week the quality of the sound I am hearing has improved!  Here is a snippet of some of the awesome new sounds or re-discoveries from this past week:

  • Outside in the garden…hearing Old Glory flap in the wind above me!
  • In my cubicle at work…hearing my coworkers phone conversation in the next cube over…(don’t worry Jacob – I won’t eavesdrop any longer Smile)!
  • At a restaurant with a friend…hearing the conversation between us without straining!
  • In the car with the windows down…hearing my wife and children speak to me!
  • At the breakfast table…hearing the second hand on the clock…tick, tick, tick!
  • On the cell phone, in the car…hearing my wife on the phone!
  • In the car…listening AND hearing my pastor’s sermon on suffering!
  • Outside in the driveway…hearing Miriam from the second story window telling me she loves me!
  • In the hallway at work…clearly hearing coworkers speak to me from down the hall!
  • At church…hearing very well in an auditorium!
  • In the car…listening to the radio and hearing most of it…for the first time in 20+ years!
  • Around the campfire…hearing my friend’s voice over the crackle of the fire and the symphony of crickets!
  • My conversation at Miriam’s bedtime…”Miriam, I  can hear the crickets outside your window!”  She asked, “Can you hear the ants too?”  I said, “No Miriam, I can’t hear the ants.”  She replied, “Daddy, maybe you can hear the dinosaurs!” Smile

I thank my Lord and Savior for His great mercy to me, my family, and everyone that I cross paths with.  Psalm 116:1-2 expresses my heart:  I love the LORD, because He hears my voice and my supplications.  Because He has inclined His ear to me.  Therefore I shall call upon Him as long as I live.

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